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On Braslavshchine the monument to George Efron, Marina Tsvetaeva`s son

Private soldier Efron collapses was lost in July 44 - go. The monument dies later 60 years

the Semicrumbed cement obelisk with a soldier`s asterisk costs on a hillock that between braslavskimi villages - Drujka, in one and a half ten houses, and Strunevshchina with last pity farmstead. In appearance the usual thrown tomb, an inscription: Efron George Sergeevich, was lost in July, 1944 .

George Efron was Whom? - The son of the great Russian poet of Marina Ivanovny Tsvetaeva Boys need to be indulged, - it can on war it is necessary - Tsvetaeva wrote. And even in Tsvetaeva`s records there is absolutely children`s statement of the son: Mum, and it is possible to hide from war for a curtain .

Whom George Efron has had time to become? - At the right to be named - the writer, the artist - the simple soldier, ordinary, missing on the Belarus earth in July, 1944 Why without a message and a trace if the geographical arrangement of an obelisk with his name is just given?

In the end of May, 1944 George Efron has been sent on the Western front. Last letter from front has been sent on July, 4th: dear Lilja and Zina! For a long time to you did not write; this results from the fact that recently we only also do that we move, move, move, is almost unceasing we go west: for two days we have passed over 130 km (on foot)! And on halts only we sleep can go further. Now here already some time as I conduct life of the simple soldier, dividing all its burdens and difficulties So while we have not caught up with running Germans; nevertheless it is necessary to assume that they where - nibud, yes will concentrate, and then fights will inflame. A landscape here remarkable, and air absolutely other, but all it you do not notice from - for speed of a march and weight of load. It is a pity that I was not in Moscow a few anniversaries ago Roman - Korsakova and Chekhov! .

In three days George Efron has been wounded in one of innumerable fights so-called bagrjamjanovskogo break (break of defence of Germans between Vitebsk and Orshej). Also has been directed to hospital. On that data on it break.

According to the Braslavsky military commissariat, the monument over a tomb is put in 1957 by the local resident. No documentary confirmed bases to consider the given burial place George Efron`s tomb are present. Actually this burial place brotherly, except prospective George Efron two more fighters Bondarenko and Chulkov here are buried. Ordinary Bondarenkos and Chulkov were lost on July, 12th, 1944. A bit earlier George Efron has got wound and has been sent in a medical unit of the city of Miory, but to a medical unit has not arrived. Probably, wounded Bondarenkos, Chulkov and Efron together made the way in hospital and together were lost? From village Drujki to the city of Miory nearby 25 - 30 km. In village Drujka say that fighters have been killed during rest by the single sniper from opposite river bank and buried on that place of the death.

Anyway, the tomb exists, George Efron`s name appears on an obelisk. The monument in an awful status, it perishes from an old age, a rain and a wind, is simply scattered. And when in July the country will celebrate 60 - letie clearings of fascist aggressors where - that in remote places hundreds such obelisks will die.

Whom you will be - god one

you will not be whom - bail -

I that in you - all Russia

Vkachala - as the pump!

God sees - I will swear! -

there will be no you otbrosom

the Country.

(Marina Tsvetaeva. Verses to the son. )


We are not going to show return the parties of Order of Victory. We simply want, that nobody has been forgotten. And if you know about god and people the forgotten obelisks of war heroes or simple private soldiers if where - that nearby collapses memory of war its victims and heroes, inform us. We it is obligatory about all we will write. Our address: Minsk and/ I 192, 220005 or e - a mail: kp@bel the First responses

All I remember, as though cinema about war looked

In Friday number of the fatty we declared the action Respond, children of war! and for one day have received more than 20 responses. We publish the first of them and we continue to accept your calls and letters.

Lilija Ivanovna SUKONKINA:

- Germans wanted to steal me in a concentration camp, but I in 11 years was such small, thin that they have told kljajn the kinder also have released. The first childhood memories - as struggled with the big brother for a soup as the sister younger, having learnt some words on - nemetski, went to ask from Germans of bread.

Vladimir Konstantinovich BORODEJ:

- I the first day of war has met in the Brest area, at railway station. Through it the whole echelons carried prisoners of war. Them carried in the jammed cars, they shouted, asked waters, bread, pushed from cars hours, things. We tried to approach more close, to pass something, me sent as small, but Germans there and then opened fire.

Nikolay Fedorovich VESNJACHOK:

- Me seven years was, when war has begun. We lived in a guerrilla zone. In the afternoon Germans flew, and at night guerrillas. Both those and others selected all and punished, if did not give. At mum of a bootee were, legs to the baby to put on. It on a bench has put them, here guerrillas have come, krutnulis there - here, and there are no bootees