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At Alexanders and Konstantin business goes to wedding

The day before Eurovisions our star pair has exchanged rings

On days off from Turkey to Minsk hearings that one of musicians who will step on the stage " have reached; Eurovisions together with Aleksandroj and Konstantin, has got to hospital. And consequently yesterday as soon as have contacted our executors, at once have asked a question - a leah all are healthy? It has appeared that Andrey Polochenja, which during execution Mine Galilee will play on okarine, has unintentionally fallen down in an orchestra pit. There was it right after rehearsals.

- As it has turned out, I do not represent, - Kostja is perplexed. - When I have glanced in a hole, have seen Andrey lying on a back whom it is touching, as a baseball ball, compressed in hands clay okarinu. The tool has not suffered, but Andrey should be brought to hospital where to it have made a picture of a head and kopchika. After were convinced that with it that`s OK, it have released in hostel. It now near to me costs, greetings pass.

On Saturday we have written that Kostja has presented the Sachet a ring with sapphires. All have solved: it is an engagement sure sign. However, Sasha laughed the matter off: the pier, is a gift to birthday. And here telephone conversation of Kostja admitted that in this uik - end Sasha too has presented to it a ringlet. Now last doubts have vanished - our star pair gathers after Eurovisions to celebrate a wedding.