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“Have amicably sat down on diets and it is grown thin in the face of!”

seven participants of competition “Grow thin with“ successfully started and we became more thin

In number of “fatty“ for April, 30th, 2004 declared competition “Grow thin with“ for minchanok which want to become more harmonous for two months. From 30 women who have sent the demands for competition, we have selected seven. They really have small problems with weight and are going to solve them, without having done much harm to the health. Our participants have started to grow thin in the face of all country one week ago, and already the result today is visible.

Olesya D: “I have got into old trousers!”

- every day I eat buckwheat cereal (how much it will want), vegetables, the fruit, one boiled egg for a supper. It was first very difficult. I was in despair, thought even to stop to participate in this competition. But the husband has supported. Has bought to me videocassettes with shaping, dances. I am engaged. Also has already grown thin. Has got into old trousers. The result has encouraged me!

Irina K:“ Has lost in volumes of three centimetres ”

I Am engaged bodifleksom and I sit on a special diet from Sajkova. The first day has eaten five baked potatoes and has drunk litre of the liquid, the second - a half a kilogramme of low-fat cottage cheese and liquid litre, the third - a kilogramme of fruit, except bananas, and liquid litre, the fourth - half of boiled chicken and liquid litre, the fifth - only litre of kefir, the sixth - boiled vegetables and kefir, the seventh - repetition of one of days. Has lost in volumes of three centimetres. Further two weeks I am going to eat porridges and then again to repeat a diet of the first week.

Tatyana M:“ I grow thin, as Larissa Dolina ”

At the heart of a diet a floor - kefir litre a day to which I add, for example, five potatoes in a uniform or 300 grammes of the soaked dried fruits and etc. the Main thing, to consume no more than 2500 kcal a day. I do daily special exercises on half an hour, I dance, before work I go on foot and there I move more many. I not the fan of gaugings, but feel that have grown thin. In a body special ease. I am happy!

Oksana P:“ I would not like tasty ”

at all When acquaintances have learnt about my participation in competition, have waved hands. A pier, with thy speciality God ordered to eat well! I after all work in a dining room as the technologist on cooking. It is a lot of temptations. But I am was insolent. Any special diet - simply I limit myself in products harmful to a figure. I eat bulonchiki, salatiki, dried fruits, yoghurts. And in the mornings I run at stadium. Men on work pay compliments. So I feel fine and at all I do not want anything tasty!

Olga B.:“ Thanks to a diet the Ready diet of “Termodzhetiks” where two food intakes are replaced with special cocktails, the vitamins, three times in a week a gym, 2 - 2,5 litres of pure potable water a day, beds on a summer residence and my result - two lost kgs for a week has dumped two kilogrammes ”

. With results it is happy! Acquaintances, friends still call and speak:“ Olka! You well done We for you are ill! ”It encourages.

Irina M:“ Competition has shown to me who is who ”

I Am engaged bodifleksom, I adhere to a diet on Atkinsu (albuminous with the low maintenance of carbohydrates), since May, sixth has lost one and a half kg. Not diet, and the relation of associates to my participation in competition has appeared the most difficult. Someone as the husband and the son, have supported, have told that in me believe. And someone has called and has told that competition is a nonsense that at first I will dump weight, and then I will type even more. I at first was upset. But has then understood that this situation has shown to me who as concerns me actually, where friends, and where not so.

Julia B.:“ I have put the printer far away that to it constantly to run ”

I descended to the psychologist and the dietician. To me have helped to understand with internal psychological problems, have developed a special diet which I now and adhere. Has grown thin for kg. I do not feel hungry. I the programmer, work sedentary so I have put the printer far away that to it constantly to run!

centre “> 84 The SUPERPRIZE

Ivan Ajplatov already sews firm jeans!

In Moscow Ivan Ajplatova name the designer who is engaged in a jeans fashion. In this business it the professional. It has firm secrets thanks to which jeans look is unique. Now Ivan Ajplatov has already started to work on exclusive jeans for our competition.

on jeans there will be the asymmetric seams visually hiding lacks of a figure, - the designer has explained to us. - the back coquette will smoothly pass in a forward pocket, back unprofitable pockets will be with firm symbolics. Now in a fashion jeans on east subjects, with furnish from the Chinese fabric. Therefore a belt we will make of the Chinese fabric with dragons and hieroglyphs. And at last we will give to jeans a kind fashionable vytertosti. I have a firm way of cooking. It should turn out stylishly and fashionably. I hope that jeans will be pleasant to participants.

Ivan Ajplatov has shown us sketches on which exclusive jeans look very much even nicely. We represent, as they will be good in a ready kind, and is envied by that from participants which will carry them. We remind that jeans will be 46 sizes and they will get to that from ladies which the first can get into them.

the TOTE “KP“

Dear readers if you are hazardous and not indifferent to the fair sex, take part in our competition. Do the forecasts: what girl will defeat and how much kgs it will dump. Guessed will win a prize - a subscription on “KP“.

If you want to support our participants, to give its advice or to tell about the experience of growing thin and successful maintenance of the form, write to us.

The forecasts, advice and responses send on the electronic address of edition kp@belθλθ on the mailing address: 220005 Minsk, and/ I 192 with a mark “Grow thin with“

competition Continuation read in following release “Health“. Also in following release we will tell about a complex of exercises for men which will help to be in good shape. The complex is carried out by Evgenie KRYZHANOVSKY.

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