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As Tamara Lisitsky swung tritsepsy

the Skilled instructor has shown to Tamara exercises, which it is possible to carry out houses always to be in shape

Today all growing thin readers “can learn how to make the figure even more beautiful and made. And not in sports club, and on a favourite rug near the TV. And will help you with it the instructor of a gym fitness - centre“ Eden “Olga Savin and the popular leader, the writer and mum of two children Tamara Lisitsky.

- the Best exercise for growing thin is a lock on the refrigerator, - at once has told to us the instructor. - that is it is necessary to eat less. But, as you know, the beautiful figure should be not only harmonous, but also“tightened“. Therefore today I will show you some exercises with which help you can feel that you have muscles. To carry out this complex it is desirable every day, all exercises - in some approaches. Well, we will begin?

- Certainly! - Tamara has vigorously responded.

Exercise 1. The complicated twisting

Thanks to this exercise muscles of the top and bottom press will start to work for you. Lying on a floor, lift feet upwards, and do not lower them, yet do not finish exercise. Hands can be held behind a head, but it is better near temples that there was no temptation to itself them to help. And now raise the case, without tearing off a waist, each time smoothly coming back in home position. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise 2. Knee-bends on one foot

Put “a back“ foot on sofa or bed edge, and squat 20 - 25 times. Try, that the knee of a basic foot did not act forward, for a sock line. Then change a foot and execute as much again knee-bends. This exercise well develops muscles of feet and buttocks.

Exercise 3. Prised in style plie

Widely place feet, develop socks in the parties and me - e - edlenno squat 25 - 30 times. Muscles of feet and buttocks Here too work.

Exercise 4. Kik - bek (blow back)

to Strike actually it is necessary nobody. In home position the elbow of the left hand is lifted, as on a photo, and the hand from dumbbells is more low, near a hip. Carrying out exercise, it is necessary to straighten simply a hand, without moving thus an elbow. And having straightened, to detain her in such position, as on a photo. Here trains tritseps (a back surface of a hand). It is important, because these myshchtsy in an everyday life practically do not work for us.

Exercise 5. Lifting of hands through the parties

Home position: feet on width of shoulders, hands with dumbbells are lowered. Now slowly lift hands through the parties to a parallel with a floor (above it is not necessary!). Only do not wave hands by inertia, namely lift them, only then from exercise there will be a sense. Instead of dumbbells it is possible to use, for example, plastic bottles with water.