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In Mogilyov lifts became cheaper

And in Minsk - is more expensive

on March, 5th “has written how in April tariffs for housing and communal services have grown. But, as have explained in the Ministry of Economics, the information was not absolutely correct. Actually on 55,4 % the payment for technical service has risen. Now for 1 square metre it is necessary to give 125,8 roubles a month. From - for grown up the tariff owners standard“dvushki“(48 sq. m.) Where it is registered three tenants, will pay on zhirovke approximately on 4300 roubles more.

And here lifts and export garbage in some regions of Belarus, to the contrary, have fallen in price. All the matter is that earlier these tariffs were established by local authorities and in different areas differed. Now solves, we will pay how much for “communal flat“, Sovmin. Therefore and for “export and garbage neutralisation” have balanced a payment for “using lifts” in all regions.

Now across all Belarus for using the lift tenants will give in a month on 1015 roubles from the person. It has turned out that minchanam, brestchanam and vitebljanam it is necessary to pay on 13 % more. And here gomelchanam lifts will manage on 22 %, and mogilevchanam and at all on 26 % is cheaper.

3435 roubles will pay For garbage cubic metre in all areas is almost annual norm. All will depend on that, how much the inhabitant of district on the average litters. Most of all litter capital. For example, everyone minchanin reserves approximately 1,34 cubic metre of garbage a year. Means, and it is necessary to spread on 4600 roubles a year - on 383 roubles a month. Till April the tariff was above - 410 roubles a month. For mogilevchan under new tariffs the payment for garbage will decrease on 43 %, and for gomelchan, to the contrary, will grow on 20 %.