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The journalist “has helped to destroy a swastika on a monument of Korotkevichu

Fascist symbolics flaunted almost three days, and local authorities promise to clean till now this disgrace

On Monday Vitebsk has been excited: unknown vandals have defiled a monument to Vladimir Korotkevichu. On a pedestal combined from granite blocks, a dark blue paint have painted a swastika, have used up a granite and trotuarnye tiles round a monument obscenities. The version that the swastika was drawn by neo-fascists, anybody from officials does not support. All in eager rivalry assure that a monument has defiled huligane, near and stupid. The public has expressed the“fi“, the militia has begun administrative check upon vandalism. The head of department of culture of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies Victor Kibisov has promised that on following put a monument will put in order. However and on Wednesday morning the swastika flaunted on a former place.

Well, I take a rag, solvent. Just in case I call in militia: can, “petroglyphic painting” is necessary for a consequence as a material evidence? “Is not present, it is not necessary for us, - explain in a press - the centre of the Department of Internal Affairs. - the fact is fixed, there are photos, the description. It is possible to wash off!” Hours per eleven we with the photographer already at a monument. Alas, solvent a dark blue paint does not take. Perhaps solvent wrong? But to run in shop behind something more caustic it was not necessary. The master has just approached To a monument from Vitebsk state university Leonid Denisevich (VGU just near to park where there is a monument of Korotkevichu).

There are two exits, he explains: to hollow a swastika a chisel or to paint over a paint.“ Still it is possible otmochit in aviation gasoline ”, - the passer-by prompts, it has come to be curious that there have drawn on a monument. A paint at Leonid Antonovicha with itself, but dry. Nevertheless and from ours“ unusable ”solvent there will be an advantage. The master plants a paint and starts to work. Leonid Antonovich not“ maljarit ”, and operates with a method of artists - puantilistov: a brush puts over a swastika and other nasty things of a point.“ So it is more on a granite similar ”.

On all about all at it leaves about an hour. Swastikas on a monument are not present, but there are appreciable enough stains. Well, from two harms... Last shtrishok - a call to management of culture of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies. Chief specialist Evgenie Klimentenok informs that culture management has already sent to the address of housing and communal services the letter with the request to put in order a monument of Korotkevichu and waits from kommunalshchikov for concrete actions.