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Over Kamentsom the king

Businessman Anatoly Martysjuk flies pelmennyj has bought the plane

“One of our local officials very much was indignant, - Anatoly tells. - and spoke:“ to People it nothing to guzzle, and he has bought the plane ”. Envy, criticise, and some as my wife Hope, with horror look how I there reel up circles. But all the same I will fly is my come true dream”.

Anatoly Martysjuk could fly now, say, on They be 154 or Silt - 76, but in a youth could not enter flight school.“ Time did not become the pilot - the professional, means, I will become the pilot - the fan ”, - he has solved for itself(himself). However to buy the plane, considerable money was required, and money of Martysjuka loves. He has achieved that, having based the enterprise for agricultural products processing. With each sold pack of the pelmeni made on it mjasozavode, with each realised stick of sausage its dream came nearer. And the businessman it exemplary - applied time and again for a rank of the best businessman of area. Three years ago the leader has gone to vicinities of a German city of Cologne. To buy sa - mo - years!

How much has paid for the easy, double flying machine “ TSesna - 150 “ 1960 of release, Anatoly does not admit. Probably, is afraid that will eat with envy together with pelmeni. But says that the price, as for the good car. On the Internet for an example we have learnt that the same model, but 1963 of release, in one of the European countries sold for 12 thousand dollars. By the way, on “ TSesne “ Red Square was reached by the notorious infringer of border German Matias Rust.

“to Fly I have begun not at once, - Anatoly tells, - have constructed a hangar, a runway. From Minsk there have arrived technicians, have collected the plane, flew and have given OK. Have told that the car wonderful though is more younger me 47 - summer only for three years. I learnt to fly with the instructor, and have passed examination in piloting in the autumn. It is necessary to hand over still some examinations in aerodynamics, a radio communication, an equipment... Every year I should pass medical inspection at level of pilots of civil aircraft, and the plane - checkup. But do not consider it only for an entertainment. I plan to get still pair of planes, to create aeroclub, to teach boys to flight business, parachute jumps. As in my plans to create agricultural aircraft ”. For now the newly made pilot winds circles over Kamentsom.“ 22 hours flew ”, - it is proud Anatoly says.