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Boulder on a tomb of Bykova have already brought from Finland

Early in the morning, on June, 22nd, weight to 2,5 tons, it has arrived on East cemetery in Minsk

Friends of Bykova and representatives of the Union of writers have brought a boulder to cemetery collars by the truck. After an hour the stone has been transferred into place before a tomb the special elevating crane. People who went a constant stream to pay a memory tribute to the great writer, have very soon surrounded a boulder with colours. Widow Irina Mihajlovna carefully displayed them on a tomb and a boulder. She has decided not to clean wreaths of year prescription that nobody to offend. So now the tomb of Bykova is covered by wreaths, and from above and natural flowers, on 2 metres in height!

the Boulder in weight in 2,5 tons was presented by a city administration of Helsinki - the corresponding inscription is on the back party of a monument. The main condition of Finns was, that the initiative of installation of a monument was public, civil, instead of the official decision of the authorities. Boulder carried to Belarus by truck. Were afraid that there will be problems with a customs clearance on border, but all has managed safely. The definitive installation date of a boulder is not defined yet. It is defensible: 2,5 tons of a stone should be established plus of 700 kgs of a granite basis properly. Besides, exact date is discussed with priests, friends of Bykova. Anyway definitive widow Bykova Irina Mihajlovna should accept decisions.