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In parliament of the amendment of the starving “have eaten“ before a dinner

in the Morning on June, 22nd Valery Frolov, Vladimir Parfenovich and Sergey Skrebets have drunk svezhevyzhatogo carrot juice and have gone to parliament to protect amendments to the Selective code for the sake of which they starved 19 days. Journalists of not state newspapers in the Oval hall again have not started up. But in discussion, perhaps, the hottest for all operating time of this parliament of a question, have taken part … 32 deputies (these are a little less half present on Tuesday in the Oval hall). Discussed almost three (!) Hour. It and is clear: in October many also will get out of operating people`s choices in parliament. To whom is to whom, and it it is important, by what rules will pass elections.

From a tribune deputies spoke about psychological pressure which on them was rendered by hunger-strike, have noticed that amendments will bring “ chaos and disorganisation “ in selective process also will complicate laws. Even have reminded that oppositional deputies have not supported idea of the third term of the president. And simply we admitted supposedly all with you were safely selected and at such laws.

Apparently, the chaos will arise, if to observers will allow to watch how voices are counted up. Till now is closer than several metres to a table with bulletins them do not admit. According to other offered amendment, chairmen of the local commissions are obliged to assure the signatures of a copy of reports with results of votings. After all sometimes happens that then copies of these reports for observers and total results of voting differ. And to prove case it is impossible, therefore as unsigned the report - a usual piece of paper.

As a result the speaker of parliament Vadim Popov has brought an attention to the question on voting: “Who rejecting the amendment to the Selective code?” Usually on voting the question with the formulation “who is taken out accepting”. As a result for a bill deviation 71 deputy has voted, have supported only 8. “Having eaten“ amendments of oppositional deputies, members of parliament have gone for a dinner.