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Samarchanku force to pay another`s credit

Who has legalised papers, tries to find out a consequence

that it has run into debt to bank the large sum, Lilija Gabdrahmanova has learnt casually.

- I have decided to take on credit a mobile phone for the son, - the Lily tells. - has come to cellular communication salon, has filled the questionnaire, it was photographed and began to wait for the bank decision. After ten minutes the employee of salon has told: to you it is refused the credit. You already owe to bank the large sum .

With huge bewilderment I have heard that in a database already there is my questionnaire in which it is specified that I the lawyer of any firm with the income about 20 thousand roubles, have a summer residence and apartment. And on most - that business at me the modest salary, I live in a hostel, and the summer residence never and in pomine was not!

the Signature is a little similar

the Woman was in shock, but to arrange trials did not become. Has decided that in salon of communication something have confused.

however after some weeks Lilii Gabdrahmanovoj has come the letter from bank in which demanded urgently to pay an instalment for the credit. The woman has gone to bank.

- there to me have told that eight months ago I ostensibly took on credit furniture set in cost of 76 thousand roubles, - the Lily makes a helpless gesture. - a pier, all this time it is serviceable for it paid and has suddenly ceased. I began to mind that any furniture did not buy. Then employees of bank have found my statement on the credit. Began to verify handwriting. And how you will verify? Like the signature it is a little similar. And it is more by hand it is written than nothing, all is printed.

the lily continued to assert that the credit never took, and her began to ask, a leah gave it to somebody the passport or its x-copy.

- I have responded that to anybody documents did not give, - the Lily continues. - Then the surprised manager has gone to search for my photo by which did in shop when I ostensibly bought furniture. In some minutes it has returned with a photo.

the lily has had a look at a picture. On a photo there was really it. Only behind her back the show-window with phones was seen. That is the picture has been made in communication salon when she tried to issue the credit for phone registration.

the woman has gone to write the application in militia. On road it scrolled everything in a head that could be connected with this history. In memory the moments to which earlier she has not paid attention have emerged.

- several months ago from this bank by mail to me the plastic card on which it is possible to take on credit 50 thousand roubles has come, - the woman remembers. - in the letter it has been written: we Give thanks for cooperation! . I was surprised, but special value to it have not given. Now - that is clear. Someone took the credit for my name and paid it. Therefore - that the bank also has sent a map! My visit to salon of cellular communication and attempt to issue the credit, seemingly, have frightened swindlers, and they have ceased to pay money.

swindlers make profit of credits

Under Lilii Gabdrahmanovoj statement in Soviet RUVD Samaras criminal case under article " has been brought; swindle .

- Unfortunately, ease at registration of bank credits has generated set of frauds, - the chief of department on investigation of unevident crimes Soviet RUVD Oksana Neretina speaks. - it is frequent enough people on trustfulness give the documents to swindlers, it is frequent passports of victims someone from acquaintances or relatives uses. Especially often swindlers draw out money from plastic cards which the bank sends by mail. After all to activate a map, the nobility passport data of the person to which it have sent suffices. To us cases when with credits employees of banks and shops were engaged in frauds are known. But to prove their fault it is the extremely difficult. Though I think that this business to us will manage to be finished to court.

in the meantime the bank continues to send to the woman of the letter. From the Lily demand to pay money which it did not take...


How not to become a victim of credit speculators

- to Anybody, even to acquaintances, do not give the passport and its x-copy.

- do not give in on arrangements to issue on itself the credit for compensation. The fee of swindlers considerably below that sum on which the credit is made out.

- well hide the credit card which has been given out by bank. It is easy for activating, knowing passport data.

- if you activated a map, take care of that anybody, except you, did not know PIN - a code.