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The stone cross grows in Turove from the earth

the Correspondent “was convinced that it warm. And local confirm - the stone“hides“from thieves

the Borisoglebsky cemetery in Turove became a place of pilgrimage of orthodox christians. From all ends of Belarus and even the adjacent states the people here hurry to bow to a cross growing from the earth. Women put on it the natelnye daggers and ear rings. Speak, helps - arterial pressure is normalised, headaches disappear.

the stone cross Growing from the earth has been noticed by local population davnym - for a long time. When - already anybody also does not remember. In the beginning have noticed a small cobble-stone, have tried to lift, and it does not go. Have left alone. After some years have found out that it has risen over the earth on some centimetres and has outlines unusual to a simple field stone.

Now a cross actually above. The right and left his shoulders have already risen over the earth. The correspondent “has spent gaugings. The top part of a cross towers over the earth on 30 centimetres, the general width plechej to 35 centimetres. The main keeper of funds of local museum of local lore Valentina Mironovna Karas daily leading to a cross to four groups of tourists, asserts that the cross not simply leaves the earth, namely grows. Two years on end it measured it. And so, according to the woman, for a year its sizes both in height, and at width have increased approximately by three centimetres. And still the cross exhales energy - its top part always warm. The journalist was convinced of it personally. And according to local residents, warmly a cross it is felt even in the winter. And keeping palms at arm`s length one - two centimetres from a forward and back part of a cross, it is possible to feel a lung pokalyvanie, pilgrims and turovchane tell.

As a matter of fact it is“son“big turovskih the crosses, which age till 1000. Outwardly same material. There is a legend that crosses have come in Tours from Kiev across Dnepr and Pripyat against the current at once after baptism of Russia. When people have seen them and have washed ashore, water in the river became colours of blood. How much they were, anybody precisely does not know. Today two crosses of two-metre height are in Tourist`s Ovsky church of All Sacred (in the people they name “father“ and “mother“), one more - in church of the next village the Churchyard. And that cross that grows from the earth “son“ magnify.

Together with the correspondent “to look at a cross have arrived … judges of the Gomel area. At them in Zhitkovichah passed a seminar. Women have removed from themselves and have spread out gold ornaments on a cross, and men the legal issue interested purely. A leah was attempts to steal a cross? It appears, was. The keeper of a museum has remembered a case when to it there has arrived any person, it was presented by the journalist and has asked to show a cross. It proceeded with it a cemetery up and down, and a cross has not found, though before has led here not one excursion. Valentina Mironovna names it a craft God`s.

While nobody undertakes to declare mission of a cross leaving the earth. That it bears to the world, pleasure or a grief. Time will come, all we learn, - - the parish priest father Sergy speaks. There is a hope that time and a place of an appropriation of hallows under the legend of the prelate buried here Turovsky`s Cyrils thus will be specified. The prelate in the phenomena said to people that itself will give a sign where to search for its hallows and when. In the autumn of last year scientists from St.-Petersburg spent on an excavation cemetery. And so, next day the head of group with a heart attack has got to Zhitkovichsky hospital. Means, time has not come still, the priest considers.

Paul Kunitsky.

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the Keeper of a museum has remembered a case: Any person was presented by the journalist and has asked to show a cross. It proceeded with it cemetery territory up and down, and a cross has not found, though before has led here not one excursion.

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Till 30 years of last century stone crosses stood on river bank Pripyat at many settlements Turovshchiny. 1000 people worshipped to crosses, and then the new power has overthrown them. But there was a high water, and crosses have again appeared on the river. That atheists again have not abuseed over a relic, church-goers have transferred them to church. The new power has transported one cross in one of museums of Gomel, and only in the end of the past century it has been returned on Turovshchinu, and now there is in a chapel of village a Churchyard.

In 30 - h years during the big high water one of local residents reached by a boat to the Borisoglebsky cemetery and has seen a stone cross floating on water. Knowing about the relation of the new authorities to religion, he to anybody has told nothing, and has dug a cross on a cemetery. There is an assumption what exactly this cross now and leaves the earth.

One of turovchanok has told “the version of occurrence of a cross. The woman remembers that in 1944 it buried the aunt on this cemetery. This very day soldiers have brought to commit to the earth the general who was lost at clearing by Turova. On its tomb they have put a small concrete dagger. Have told that it temporary, after war they perezahoronjat the chief. turovchanka asserts that a cross leaving the earth, that that she saw on a tomb of the general. The Earth, speaks is showered, and the cross rises upwards. Supporters of a miracle there and then deny it. A cross leaving the earth not concrete, and from a natural stone.