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Alternative parade can see all

Today to Minsk tanks will enter, and tomorrow training flights will be started by aircraft

to Become the spectator of parade on July, 3rd will be rather problematic. According to authorities of the capital on viewing points that will settle down at an obelisk “Minsk - a hero town”, the admission will receive about 30 thousand spectators, but for certain interested persons will see military technology more.

If you are not included into number of lucky beggars, but madly want though with half an eye to look at tanks T - 72Á chance all - taki is.

Anybody after all did not forbid to observe of parade rehearsals. We already to you told, how the pedestrian columns, and on June, 26th c 18 prepare. 00 to 2. 00 hours have been completely closed movement on streets Varvasheni, Daumana, Jerusalem, Guards, Tarhanova, Griboedov, Timerjazeva (from K.Tsetkin`s street to street Oryol), and is limited under the prospectus of Skoriny (from MKAD to street Varvasheni), Surganov`s street, Oryol, Bogdanovicha (from Surganov`s street to street Varvasheni), Radial and Vaneeva. Too will repeat and today, on June, 29th. Rehearsal will begin in 23. 00.

And on July, 3rd to day of a feast of a column of military technology will drive on the same route. We will remind that parade will pass with 10. 00 to 12. 00.

Planes to see even easier and it is completely not obligatory to be present on a viewing point. Will enough lift a head and to look at the sky. Since June, 27th SOU planes - 24, the SOU - 25, the SOU - 27, the INSTANT - 29, SILT - 76, helicopters MI - 24 flied around the Minsk sea. And on June, 30th and on July, 1st approximately in 10. 40 we will already see them over a city. The aircraft will pass at height 150 - 200 metres and all this action will last 8 minutes. So giving thanks to these rehearsals you quite can present to itself as will take place parade.