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In the Botanical garden fish

the Misfortune has died out has brought a sabbatical downpour - together with rain water a technical waste has got to lake

On Monday workers of the Botanical garden has been surprised, without having seen in a pond of any bird. Ducks left water and were grazed on a grass nearby, and the family of swans vrazvalochku went away from lake to winter open-air cages. Ahead clumsily stamped hardly learnt to go a small baby bird who behind persistently was adjusted by parents. And over lake soon already turned seagulls, lovers to regale on the dead fish floating on a surface.

That became the reason of strange behaviour of birds? When the employee of the Botanical garden Alexander Baldin has approached to the channel on which in lake thawed both rain water and water from an artesian chink has seen a muddy stream serovato - green colour flows down. Probably, on this channel someone has merged harmful production wastes.

Results of analyses from city Committee on wildlife management will be ready only next week. Then the reason of small ecological accident in the centre of Minsk becomes clear.