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How much it is necessary to pay on border for baby food?

With such question in edition the reader from Brest Marina Makarova has called. At me small children, and I go often to Poland, I result therefrom baby food, pampers, juice for children, clothes, - the reader has told. - I result not for sale, and for own needs. I read that since July, 2nd new customs rules are entered, but and could not understand, how much now it is necessary to pay at customs. You could not write about it as this subject stirs not only me one .

the Customs committee paid attention time and again that the most part of the goods which are on sale in the markets of Belarus, is imported into the country under the pretext of the goods just for own needs. Therefore there was a Decree of the president which, according to customs officers, should put an end to such practice. Since July, 2nd according to these rules the physical person is authorised to import duty-free into Belarus no more than 5 kg of products. Baby food and juice - too products, hence, if you carry them more than 5 kg, it is necessary to fork up on the duty. In a fork from 5 to 30 kg each superfluous kg will cost in addition 2 euros, it is more 30 kg - 3 euros for kg.

As to pampers and clothes rules concerning them have not changed -

This your personal property, and you have the right to import it without any duties if customs cost does not exceed the sum of 1 thousand US dollars, and gross weight - no more than 50 kgs.