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My son in 2000 has entered BGU, year has studied and has thrown. Two years it worked in a private concern, but without the work record card. Now it is going to arrive for a full-time department in BGUIR on the first course. A leah it is necessary for it to give the documents confirming its work or study?

Mum Larissa Petrovna, Minsk.

the Inquiry that he has studied a course in high school, is useful to your son, only if he decides to be restored for study. By the way, it is possible to be restored not only in native high school on the same speciality, but also in other higher educational institution. In the same BGUIRe, for example, such cases were. But, in - the first, restoration is possible only on a paid basis. In - the second, at receipt your last curriculum will compare with new - how much you have passed subjects, how much hours was on each of them. And then it is necessary or to hand over the academic difference, having got on 2 course, or all the same to arrive on the first. If you do not want to be restored, will try to arrive on 1 course of free branch the inquiry hardly is useful to you.

Experience is useful at receipt if your son worked more than 2 years, and on the future speciality. Simply work as that, even with the work record card, at receipt on 1 course of a full-time department does not give pluses.

As will charge the estimations received on testing - in points or in estimations on 10 - mark system? If in estimations, a leah that is considered, what points at me nevertheless more than at other owners of the same estimation?

Olja, Minsk.

Estimations for testing on a special scale of transfer will do 10 - mark. In reception rules it is written: The estimation of knowledge of the entrant is carried out on ten-mark system . And not to do a difference between an estimation at examination and an estimation for the testing, all results will be in points. The difference for testing in pair points - 95 or 96, will not be considered.

My daughter - the disabled from childhood. But next year when it will arrive, to it 18 years will already be executed. What to do in this case and on what privileges it is possible to count?

Mum, Minsk.

In an official language it is called the child - the invalid and in the certificate of physical inability there is a term of its action, in your case - till 18 years. Till this time you need to pass commission MREK. As to us have advised in the Minsk city centre MREK, to see to it about it costs month for two - at them very big turns, especially before a season of receipts in high schools. It is necessary to go at first to the doctor to polyclinic, to take a direction on vocational guidance (on what specialities it is possible/ it is impossible to arrive at its disease), to begin preparation of necessary documents. After passage of the commission of your daughter can appropriate adult group - I, II or III, but can and not give it.

In receipt rules in high schools this year it is told that privileges at receipt use invalids I and II groups, and also children - invalids to whom training is not counter-indicative and which can visit employment .