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In BGU the biggest competition for 20 years

But in the main high school of the country already is children for which the main thing - simply to wait the terminations of examinations

this year graduates of schools have not stopped any obstacles - neither the changed rules of reception, nor total introduction of testing On the average competition in BGU - four persons into place. By the way, only the tenth part of entrants BGU counts on results of testing almost. From 8 thousand submitted documents in the main high school of the country 600 persons there are more have given at once three certificates of the centralised testing, thereby having refused examinations.

- it is not terrible, what bridges all are already burnt? - We have asked Ilony Olejnikovoj who waits for the termination of introductory tests at chemical faculty in native Novopolotsk. The graduate of Novopolotsk lycee Ilona has appeared one of 29 persons in all Belarus, handed over testing in chemistry on 100 points! For yesterday only one more entrant at this faculty could brag same 100 - the mark certificate.

- Certainly, terribly. I long doubted, a leah to submit other certificates. On the Belarus language I have typed 83 points, and the mathematics has appeared the most difficult test - from 100 points only 63. Mum dissuaded me to declare the certificate on the mathematician, but I have decided to risk. It is said that at the university it is very difficult to mathematician to hand over. I have brought documents to Minsk in the very first day, and yesterday have called in a selection committee, and it has appeared that on my speciality already 6 persons into place am very much stirred.

- the Chemistry is a calling?

- On a broader scale - that I was going to arrive for an economic speciality, and of chemistry was fond only in 10 class. Thought to arrive or in economic university, or in technological on economy. But on English I have handed over the test not so well. All were solved by the successful test in chemistry. I prefer to have a titmouse in hands, than a crane in the sky.

Olja Malkevich - the pharmacist dreams of a trade of the chemist already almost year. And not simply dreams, and prepares for it rather seriously. 100 - mark result on testing in chemistry to that acknowledgement.

- I thought, the test will be much more difficult, therefore has solved it easily. And here mathematics could solve and on the eight . Has then looked and has found many silly errors, therefore has typed only 70 points. The test on the Belarus handed over twice - at first platno, then obligatory. The result of paid testing has appeared better - 78 points. It the eight .

Olga counts that the received points should suffice it for receipt, therefore, as well as Ilona, has declared all three certificates in a selection committee.

- Special stirring I now do not feel. Though it is pleasant to relax, when for the others all tests ahead. But for hundred percent to be assured for the present it is impossible.

Already now Ilona and Olja know that should come on reception to the dean of chemical faculty on July, 9th. This day it will be known both lowest passing score, and names of lucky beggars which will be enlisted in students of university.