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Under the pretext of chickens the Ukrainian carried through border of wavy parrots

Already almost month as 120 birdies sit in quarantine, and the commission on konfiskatu thinks, where them to attach

Exotic cargo customs officers on a check point “Top Terebezhov” in Stolinsky area have found out. Have unveiled a back seat in the two-door car “opel - the cadet”, and there instead of sidushki - cages, and in them birdies multi-coloured sit. In the beginning the owner of cargo asserted that it is chickens. But when from a cage have got the first bird of green colour with a humpbacked beak and a long tail, the Ukrainian recognised that it is a parrot. While the withdrawal report, parrots made out such noise have lifted that all free from work employees of customs have come running to look at a miracle in cages. Speak, for 10 years the first case of detention of such considerable quantity of parrots. Temporarily birdies have placed in pinskoj vetlechebnitse. Here they now also pass monthly quarantine. In the meantime the court has made the decision on confiscation of all 120 - ti of not declared parrots, moreover their owner has fined on 950 thousand Belarus roubles.

the Greatest problem today at the commission on konfiskatu. Experts puzzle where to put such crowd. Pet-shops on realisation to take the sub-standard goods do not want. And to distribute birdies in kindergartens, it is necessary to buy as much cages which are much more expensive than parrots.