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In Moldova organizers of financial pyramids will make answerable

the Code about offences it will be added by article which provides punishment for the organisation of schemes of financial pyramids and involving in them citizens. The corresponding bill which has been put forward by group of deputies LDPM, has been accepted by parliament in the first reading.  
Authors of the project have specified that though the present legislation provides punishment for the organisation of financial pyramids, it not always restores in the rights h victims, therefore has been decided to add the Code about offences with new article the Organization of schemes of pyramids .  
Guilty of the organisation of financial pyramids will be punished by the penalty at the rate from 2000 to 3000 leev in case of physical persons and 10 thousand leev – in case of legal bodies. The chairman of the parliamentary Commission on economy, the budget and the finance Vyacheslav Ionitse has suggested to provide to the second reading in the project higher penalties.
- It is offered, that punishment was commensurable with act. Present positions will not contribute in the swindle prevention: to organizers of similar schemes who frequently involve in the pyramids to 2 thousand persons, even it will be pleasant to pay the penalty in 4 thousand leev , - the chairman of the parliamentary commission has added .
the Deputy of Liberal party George Brega has suggested to involve guilty of similar acts not only to administrative, but also in a criminal liability.