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The Vladivostok deputies have become interested, where the Oceanarium gain


Deputies of the Duma of Vladivostok intend to find out, where the money collected from visitors of the Oceanarium on Sports Quay leaves. This desire at them has cleared up during session of economic committee of the Duma where the conflict round the Oceanarium understood.

we Will remind that two parties clash: the municipal enterprise « Akvamir » the federal state enterprise « TINRO - the Center ».

the Well-known exposition of the Oceanarium is created and within 20 years was saved by scientists from « TINRO - the Center ». But « Akvamir » owns a building and an equipment part. And even has independently started to create the exposition from exotic inhabitants of the sea. And one month ago « Akvamir » also has at all asked scientists from « TINRO - the Center » to clear a building, having declared that will consult without them.

As has put it concerns such significant object as the Oceanarium trials passed with attraction of deputies of the Duma of Vladivostok and under steadfast public attention. Eventually vitse - the mayor of Vladivostok Alexey Litvinov to whom submits « Akvamir » has met the general director « TINRO - the Center » the Lion of Bocharovym also has promised that « Akvamir » will refuse the claims. However, meanwhile it only the oral promise.

However deputies were interested now by economy « Akvamira »:

- the Gain « Akvamira » from visitors of the Oceanarium in a year makes 11 million roubles, - has told « deputy Vladimir Vojtovsky. – Besides, « Akvamir » receives rent with « TINRO - the centre ». Being the municipal enterprise, « Akvamir » is obliged to list a quarter of the profit in city budget. Last year it has been listed already 60 thousand roubles! To become crazy!   It is asked, where all profit « has got to; Akvamira »? It is clear that they are spent for the maintenance a building, but not in the same volumes.