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The majority of Russians will spend rest on resorts of Kuban

According to the experts, 60 % of the Russians, decided to spend holiday to Russia, will go to Krasnodar territory, 15 more % will prefer Crimea, on 3 - 5 % is necessary to Abkhazia, Belarus, on various Russian resorts, active and excursion tours.

On territories of the Big Sochi, which extent exceeds 100 km, the most popular resorts last years are Loo and Lazarevsky. And here to Adler any more the first year interest is low from - for the Olympic buildings. Demand for rest in the Sochi was for the same reason stabilised and does not grow.

the Average price of days of rest on resorts of Kuban in middle tier boarding house in a double room and with a food on 5 % is more than last year. The minimum cost of rest makes 300 roubles a day without a food, with a food - 850 roubles.

Experts notice that from the Olympic building have won, though do not advertise this fact, Gelendzhik and Anapa.

The matter is that turopotok grows basically at the expense of autotourists. It and inhabitants of the next Rostov and Stavropol areas, and also the Krasnodar territory, and inhabitants of more remote regions. Dearness railway and air tickets to the Black Sea resorts has forced to reach half of Russians to the sea on own car. But the unique highway conducting on resorts, during a season turns to one continuous stopper, and tourists simply « settle » on more accessible resorts, without reaching Sochi.

Positive tendencies are marked by experts and in a segment of excursion tours. Russians more often steels to go to St.-Petersburg. The city has passed in a category of weekend tours and, accordingly, tourists began to go in northern capital not one time. Well Pskov is on sale also, this direction crisis at all has not concerned.

Meanwhile, according to sociologists, the overwhelming majority of Russians is no by international passports and never were abroad, including on rest, informs Interfax.

As sociologists have found out, on affairs or on rest some times in a year as a whole 3 % of citizens, once a year - 4 % now go abroad, is even more rare - 9 %. Thus 9 % of participants of poll have informed that happened outside of the Native land earlier, making working trips, and now do not go anywhere, 10 more % went earlier to have a rest, and now are not present.