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Documents of the Russian pilot, the engine and the chassis broken « are found; superdzheta »

In   time poiskovo - a rescue operation around gorge the first large parts of the Russian plane which has broken there are found out in a mount of Sprats in the west of the Indonesian island Java Dry Superdzheta - 100 .   the major of Armed forces of Indonesia has informed On it Tambunan.

As he said, the chassis rack, one of engines and a fuselage part is found out. As it is marked, all details practically have no damages.

the scorched documents of the Russian crewman of the broken plane Also have been found out. In a package with the scorched documents there was a flight book and a wallet with money. All documents are operatively delivered by helicopter in a staff.  

Meanwhile, operation on delivery of containers proceeds. After its end work will be started by rescuers of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Measures who will be engaged in search and export from a falling place   fragments of a design of an air liner, newspaper Jakarta Post informs.

we Will remind, the plane Dry - Superdzhet - 100 (Sukhoi SuperJet - 100), carrying out demonstration tour first in the history over six countries of Asia, has broken on May, 9th during indicative flight in Indonesia. Onboard were more than 40 persons. As a result of accident everything which were onboard people were lost.

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