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In Tatarstan search for the maniac killing lonely women

In Tatarstan policemen search guilty of two murders which have occurred in Rybno - Slobodsky area since October 2011 - go till April, 2012. 2 women have been cruelly killed.

on October, 8th field investigators have found the first victim. Behind trees in the field, approximately in 40 metres from a line the Fish Large village - Kazan, the body of the woman was revealed. She has been strangled by a synthetic rope which the murderer has left directly on a body lost.   its personal things have been nearby found out also: a raincoat, footwear, a ladies` handbag, documents.  

On a scene of crime police officers could remove prints of a protector of tyres of a cargo motor vehicle.  

Lost - 49 - the summer inhabitant of one of villages of Mamadyshsky area. It was found out later that a day before murder saw it in Russky Ashnjak village. About the further movement of the woman of it it is not known.

on April, 19th the inhabitant was converted into police has sat down Antysh – at it the sister was gone. As she said, that day the girl was at it on a visit, and in the evening on a passing motor vehicle there has left home in village Big Elga.  

In search of gone field investigators it is literally   on centimetres have combed area territory. After two days the body has been found in three kilometres from a highway the Fish Large village - Kazan on field suburb gone with numerous knife wounds. The body of a victim has been disguised by dry branches.   in 15 metres from a body policemen have found out personal things: clothes, a handbag, and also the prospective tool of murder - a kitchen knife with blood traces.

Also from a scene traces of a protector of tyres of a motor vehicle are withdrawn.  

the Place of detection of a body of the inhabitant with. Big Elga
the Photo: the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT
< article - photo > the Kitchen knife with traces of blood and a winter cover for an automobile armchair
the Photo: the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT


On both facts criminal cases under article « are raised; Murder » - informs a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan.   to all who has any information on fulfilment of these crimes, the Ministry of Internal Affairs asks to be converted by phones:   291 - 20 - 02, 291 - 35 - 28, 052 .