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Policemen have spent spot-check on saunas of Cherkessk

In Cherkessk policemen have spent spot-check on city saunas.

- For 10 days have checked up 36   institutions in which various transgressions are revealed, for example, realisation of enterprise activity without the state check in, - have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic. -   the big part of infringements is connected with granting of intimate services for a payment.

Guards have made reports on 65 girls of easy behaviour. Among them have appeared and 8 putan from Uzbekistan and Nigeria, they were in Russia with the delayed check in. One of them, to all other also sick of a narcotism, have sent already home, the others too prepare for exclusion. Except punishment of women of easy virtue, policemen intend to undertake and owners of saunas - for granting of a premise for employment by prostitution.  

- In the long term at us now if the court on the same sauna makes the decision two times - we will initiate criminal case excitation. From 36 saunas checked up by us, 26 - malicious infringers where girls of easy behaviour constantly reside, - speak in police.