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The doctors connected with Al - Kaidoj transform people into live bombs

the Western special services have the information, allowing to assert that the doctors working on « Al - Kaidu » in Yemen, implant filled with an explosive implantaty in bodies of shahids. An explosive which they place in stomachs or a chest of condemned men, scanners at the airports do not find out.

the Surgeon who has developed technology of similar operations, has been killed in the beginning of this year as a result of bombardment of the American plane - bespilotnika. In CIA consider that it closely co-operated with Ibragimom al - Asiri, the main demolition man « Al - Kaidy on Arabian peninsula » (AQAP). It is considered that with Asiri small groups of other doctors in Yemen which do the same operations work also.

Experts believe that a number of explosives, such, for example, as pentaeritritettetranitrat (PETN), it is really possible to place in a body of the prospective condemned man. After wounds will begin to live, it will turn to a live bomb. The scanners used in the majority of the airports, such implantaty do not notice. The similar explosive can be put in action by means of a special injection.

In CIA and MI - 6 consider that after destruction bolshej management parts « Al - Kaidy » in Afghanistan and Pakistan AQAP poses the greatest threat to the West. Last week, reminds Sunday Times, FBI was possible to open by means of the double agent the next attempt of explosion of the plane, undertaken « Al - Kaidoj on Arabian peninsula ».