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From - for a fire the family of one of villages of Altai hardly did not remain without the house

On Thursday, on May, 17th, in settlement Crimson lake of Altay territory outdoor construction in territory of one of farmsteads has lighted up. After six minutes from the moment of the message on a fire, on a profit scene the first divisions. With open fire the roof economic   burnt; constructions. The flame was already threw on a bath standing by a number and an apartment house roof. The basic forces of firemen have been concentrated to defending an apartment house and not to allow to fire to extend further.

In 24 minutes the fire has been localised, but on an extent of hour work on fire extinguishing before its full liquidation was conducted. From fire have suffered a roof and bath and garage walls, an apartment house roof. The fire total area has made 150 sq. m.

As have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of edge, all on May, 17th in edge 10 fires, 5 of them   are registered; have occurred in inhabited sector. On suppression of fires 63 persons of staff of a fire service, 25 units of fire and special technics have been involved.