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The president Omsk Avant-guard : Let hearings remain on Bardin`s conscience

the President Omsk « Avant-guard » Alexander Sterljagov has given interview to the correspondent of the edition « R - sports ».

- I personally met with Victor Nazarov , and not once. We discussed destiny of the command, and I want to calm fans: Avant-guard will live. It is unequivocal. As to budgetary financing — I think, time will show, a leah will be saved it in former volume. Already during the current year all will be clear. Anyway, the future head of region has promised that will talk with Gazprom concerning club financing.

- Avant-guard till now is silent in the transfer market. Fans are seriously stirred - other clubs actively sign players, while the Omsk command till now without acquisitions.

- we have a desire to save skeleton of the command and to update structure a little. To pour in any fresh blood. Work on acquisition is actively conducted. Let while fans do not see results, but they necessarily will. The chief manager of club Vladimir Kapulovsky is now in the World championship, meets agents of our potential beginners. In the near future news from Avant-guard will appear. The World championship &mdash will end; also our first acquisitions will be declared.

- Avant-guard on - former conducts a policy of dot strengthening?

- Yes. At the hockey players making skeleton of our command, contracts proceed. At four agreements are signed till 2014, at ten — to 2013 - go. So here we do not worry. We carry on negotiations with at whom contracts have ended, and also we search for replacement with the left.

- Who else will leave the team, except Romana Chervenki, Alexey Kalyuzhny and Egor Averin?

- All of us have made to hockey players proposals. to Alexander Perezhoginu , to Anton Belovu — all. Other question as agents of players will react to them. Those to whom 28 years, " were executed; free agents by itself, try to find the best conditions. Kalyuzhny has chosen the same the Locomotive is its right. We are grateful to Alexey that it was at us the captain, fairly, honesty worked. In the Locomotive which is now revived, Averin as Yaroslavl has the right from any club of any hockey player till 23 years leaves also to take away. On you know Chervenke. He in the middle of a season declared that NHL — its dream, and he very much would like to act there. In my opinion, to it have offered there the worthy contract. That bears, by the way, to force of our command and KHL as a whole.

- If at Chervenki behind ocean something will not turn out, it can return to Omsk?

- Certainly, we after all have made to it an official proposal for two years, and the rights to it remain at Avant-guard . If at the Novel something is not taken in Calgary we with pleasure take it back.

- Why Yury Aleksandrov leaves?

- On a course of a season we initially took this defender in SKA on condition that then it will return to St.-Petersburg. Then at us it was not simple an exit — at Andrey Pervyshina in the command it was not took, and worthy variants in the market were not any. Peter has offered us Aleksandrova on such conditions, and now for the present has orally declared that they will take away Yury. So we need to search for replacement and to it.

- what Players of the plan and for what positions are searched now by chief manager Vladimir Kapulovsky?

- in April Kapulovsky pronounced with Summanenom those positions which to us need to be strengthened. Now we work through Edward Zankovtsa whom Summanenu on a season course helped. It with Rajmo had a good contact, so here that`s OK. The Vratarsky position at us is closed completely, at by Karri Ramo and Alexey Kuznetsova operating contracts. Absolutely precisely we will sign at least one new defender. Today the club searches for players not only in the Russian market, but also in Europe, and in the North America. Probably, we will have a hockey player from the American hockey league (AHL). One of the main tasks — to find replacement of Chervenke. Variants are, negotiations are conducted. NHL market opens in the beginning of July so we do not hurry up. There will be a defender and will be attacking.

- High-class?

- I Think, yes. In the Russian market the choice is strongly limited, and the foreign forward, I consider, we can find high quality. Also we should not forget about youth. Players from Omsk Hawks become this year champions of Youth hockey league (MHL), we will involve in a basis more actively. We would not like to lose these children. With them with all we have signed contracts. If someone does not get to the main command and on age will not pass in MHL, we will try to agree with clubs of the Higher league — to delegate these hockey players there. They can get hand in there. avant-guard will pay in it the salary and at any moment can back take away, if such necessity arises. But it is necessary to remember that any young master needs time. The same Sergey Kalinin with Nikita Pivtsakinym three years were brought to a basis.

- a leah remains in the command for the following season of Rajmo Summanen?

- Besides the purpose to find replacement of Chervenke and to leave in the command of Perezhogina, it is one more our problem number one. With Summanenom we were ready to sign the contract for two years in the end of April. But at it in May the agent was replaced, and negotiations should be conducted anew. rajmo recently has returned from America, and in the near future our people will meet it in Finland. I think, we should sign the agreement with Summanenom as the desire to remain in Omsk at it is. Certainly, Rajmo disturbs the command future, and it, probably, too affects decision-making by a number of agents and hockey players. People wait, but, I think, after inauguration of the new governor the situation will quickly be cleared up.

- And the last. In a press there were hearings that the former chief manager Avant-guard Anatoly Bardin prepares soil for returning in club and even carries on negotiations with players, and also their families, ostensibly having got of support of a new management of area...

- Let these hearings remain on Anatoly Fedorovicha`s conscience. I will tell one: a nominee Kapulovsky which named the protege of the former governor, I co-ordinated personally with the future governor Victor Nazarov and with a management Gazpromnefti . The new chief manager of club has all powers to continue to work and further. I think, with Avant-guard all will be as it should be. The future head of area is disturbed by destiny of the command and wants, that it has saved the status. Therefore now all our efforts are directed on that the club and adequately acted further in the championship of Russia.