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In streets of Krasnodar to gapers will erase memory

on May, 24th take part in the action all interested persons can, for this purpose it is necessary to put on in style of agents from a film « the Men in black » and at a fixed time to arrive on one of four points of gathering.

« Therefrom « agents » will make animated pass along the street Red aside « Auroras ». They will search for aliens among passers-by, to erase memory to gapers, to accompany the chosen passer-by and to ask others to part on its way, in the end will wish successful flight to Mars or soft landing to Plutone » – organizers fleshmoba have told.

the action with final dance on a platform behind a cinema Will come to the end, studio Rich Ghetto is engaged in dance statement. All participants fleshmoba, observing dress - a code, will be invited to a film session « the Men in black 3 ».

gathering points « agents »: The area before Drama theatre (18:00), street Red, avenue, a monument the Lead and Shuriku near KubGTU (18:15), department store « Krasnodar » (18:30), « the Aurora » (18:45). On each set point participants fleshmoba will dance in advance rehearsed dance, pass the South. ru.