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The Saratov businessman guards have accused of seduction of three schoolgirls

the Fan of minors have detained on May, 16th – caught that is called,   « on zhivtsa ».

- We have planned operation and have spent it together with policemen: have made to the man an appointment on behalf of one of girls. And when it has arrived and left the car – have clasped on his hands handcuffs, – has told to the correspondent « » Andrey Morozov, the head of investigatory department across Engels of SOU SKR.

For three schoolgirls to a two from which 12 years and the third 15, looked after as it was found out, 56 - summer engelssky the businessman. Parents of girls have learnt about it when have noticed change in behaviour of daughters and have talked to them heart-to-heart. The man has a business on installation of plastic windows, the wife and the adult son, a personal car... And at inspectors – its refusal of evidence.

- the Suspect actively was engaged in dialogue with minors, and has got acquainted with girls not through sotsseti, and through their contemporaries, - Andrey Morozov continues. – it communicated with them about one month. Wrote sms - ki, called, made gifts. Met them after the termination of school employment. And during meetings made concerning them « violent acts of sexual character » which we will prefer not to concretise. The suspect does not consider that undertook any violence and has committed a crime.

Besides, the businessman has advised inspectors of the heart disease, from - for which to it, ostensibly, it is impossible to be in custody. Now the man is surveyed by physicians, and will soon draw the conclusion, a leah so it actually. Anyway, inspectors have already got on the businessman criminal case under article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. If its fault is proved, it can receive till three years of imprisonment.