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From - for damages of a support of a contact network trolley buses in Vologda have risen in a stopper

Breakage has occurred 18 - go May about ten o`clock in the morning. At one of support of a contact network in the street October in Vologda the bar which holds wires has tilted. As a result they have fallen, and trolley buses move on them cannot. Along October practically from TJUZa and to a crossroads with Leningrad have stood in a row a little « horned ».

- Went for work and observed such picture: drivers of trolley buses who have risen in a stopper, rearrange « horns » trolley buses on wires of a counter direction. Then come back in salon, go round an emergency site, again rearranges « horns » also moves further, - has told to the correspondent « » ocheviditsa Irina - Passengers wait for a trolleybus chaos, do not leave. Transport extremely slowly moves.

As have explained « in operatively - dispatching service « Vologdaelektrotrans » on a place the emergency brigade works. But when will eliminate breakage while it is not known.

the Bar which holds wires in the street October, has tilted.
a photo: Inga KNIZHKINA
the Emergency brigade works on a place of state of emergency.
a photo: Inga KNIZHKINA

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