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North Caucasian masters of cuttings and captures have caused a stir in Orenburg

the Strongest judoists of the Old World has collected in Orenburg traditional draw of the Cup of Europe. For awards of this large international tournament struggled more than 240 inhabitants of 18 states. Following the results of command offset the success again, as well as one year ago, was celebrated by owners tatami from Russian national team.

Our sportsmen have received in native walls eight awards of the higher test, 11 « silver » trophies and 21 « bronze » a prize. The contribution to success North Caucasian masters of cuttings and the captures have brought also, eight trophies which have put in the general coin box. In a category to 90 kgs it has not appeared equal to delegate Kabardino - Balkarii to Kazbek to Zankishievu who in the ending (which, as a matter of fact, became North Caucasian derbi) has prevailed against the opponent from the North Ossetia – Peter Hachirova. « Bronze » in this weight one more representative KBR &ndash took; Islam Bersekov. « Gold » in a category to 100 kgs Movla Bisultanov has merited.

In solving fight the Chechen master of cuttings and captures has prevailed against Ukrainian Dmitro Luchina. Twice on a podium pupils of the Stavropol regional school of the higher sports skill on a judo and sambo-wrestling rose. Aram Grigoryan became the third by results of competitions in weight to 60 kgs, (over 100 kgs) Stepan Sarkisyan has achieved similar success in a superheavy category also. « bronze » have received two more alanskih the fighter.

Alan Hubetsov and Stanislav Semenov became owners of honourable trophies following the results of fights in weight to 81 kgs.