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To supervise over Kareliya have sent speaker ZakSa of Leningrad region

the Next resignation of the head of region on it time has occurred in Kareliya: Vladimir Putin has ousted the former head of republic Andrey Nelidova « at own will ». Temporarily fulfilling duties « the main Karelian » in the Kremlin have found literally near by: the speaker of Legislative Assembly of the next Leningrad region Alexander Hudilajnen became them. And not only because it the Finnish roots.

- Alexander Petrovich – the person « from the earth » - have assumed motives of purpose in ZakSe. – It has passed upward from the lowermost steps from a management of small settlement to the big region.

Right after how Putin has signed the decree, Hudilajnen has quickly collected things, has gone to the airport and has departed to Petrozavodsk.

- It needs to understand first of all with problems to start them to solve, - has informed its press - the secretary Julia Slutsky. – At first he should be up on, get acquainted with people. Personnel shifts in the government of Kareliya are not planned yet, after all by Hudilajnen – only and. Here when the president will appoint an island its head of region, will think, whom to remove, whom to appoint. Probably, someone will take away from Leningrad region.

that Hudilajnen will head Kareliya on a constant basis, Leningrad region almost nobody doubts ZakSe. Especially, for it it already the second calling: the surname of Hudilajnena is literally to steam one week ago appeared in number of applicants for a post of the governor of native region. However then the presidential choice has fallen on another.

Now all wait that « an United Russia » Names three candidates on a post of the head of Kareliya, among them there will be Hudilajnen, and its Putin will offer republic parliament.

- Hearings that our speaker will leave to Petrozavodsk, have appeared on Monday, - have told in a lobby of ZakSa. – And as - that at once about it began to tell, as about the come true fact. Therefore on Tuesday of already special emotions was not.

- And what emotions? Mood at all working, - were surprised in a press - parliament service. – vice-president ZakSa Sergey Bebenin will temporarily fulfil duties of the speaker.

Even oppositionists from « Fair Russia » and the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation have not expressed neither delight, nor a regret concerning departure of Hudilajnena.

- For us will change nothing, - have told in fractions. – and to Alexander Petrovichu – good luck, it the quite good head.

Among worthiness of the time head of Kareliya name its mentality:

- It more business executive, rather than the politician. Cand.Econ.Sci. Knows how to involve investments, to lift region. Stakes on small-scale business. Probably, therefore it also have thrown to Kareliya – it after all depressive, dotatsionnaja.

By the way, Kareliya – not another`s earth for the new head. At the front its uncle, too Alexander Hudilajnen &ndash Here was lost; in honour of it the future head of region also has been named. Some years ago, still being the head of Gatchina area of Leningrad region, Hudilajnen has found a tomb of the relative.

- Alexander Petrovich – the person sociable, - have told in its environment. – likes to be with friends, to visit, receive visitors. Very human, to all always helps. To drink – it not especially, and here loves fishing. By a bicycle goes in the summer, in the winter – on mountain skiing. At it near to the house of Tuutari - park so it there constantly goes for a drive.

it is possible to carry possession of Finnish and English To pluses of Hudilajnena languages – for Kareliya which borders on Finland and the European Union it it is important. As in the republic there live many Finns - ingermanlandtsev.

- And still it very exacting, - whether have complained, whether assistants to Hudilajnena have bragged. – Loves, when its orders are carried out quickly. Also can shout, but seldom and only on business. And at it memory good: never forgets, to whom as when it has charged.