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Moldavian dvoechniki Graduates of 2012 who will receive negative estimations at examinations on degree of the bachelor can pass examination repeatedly

, can repeatedly hand over them during additional session.

On a press - conferences on Tuesday the minister of education Michael Shljahtitski has told that « the ministry has decided to give one more chance to graduates who will receive negative estimations ».

- I consider too rigid and not democratic that fact that pupils cannot continue study together with the colleagues and pass examinations only next year, - Shljahtitski has told.

However the minister has declared that students who will be caught with mobile phones or are convicted of other illegal actions, will pass examinations only next year.

- I think that this best punishment for them. And to teachers who will be present at examinations, it will not be authorised to have at itself mobile phones. The most severe punishments will be applied to those who will break regulations , - he has told.

the Minister has underlined that term in which pupils can protest results of examinations, is prolonged from 24 o`clock till 48 o`clock.