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The state will establish the prices for wrecker services

How much owners of a car should pay for a place on shtrafstojanke the cars, till now solved in Republic Komi Service under tariffs. And here payment for transportation of the car (wrecker), since August was not provided by 2009 law. But on July, 1st, 2012 new laws, and those organisations which render service « will start to operate; the Wrecker » should take for it so much, how much will establish the state. Therefore (yet late), Republic Komi Service under tariffs offers such organisations till June, 15th 2012 to give the calculations to define the necessary prices.

it is necessary to do Calculations according to Methodical instructions which are in the order of Federal Agency of tariffs from April, 7th, 2006 37 - and.

Besides, the Republic Komi Service under tariffs warns that who will demand those other, unstated sum, will administratively punish in the form of penalties or to disqualify for certain term.