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Under the preliminary version, copper explosion

On Friday, on May, 25th, in 14 became a cause of the fire at factory near Belgorod. 25 in uniform dispatching service the message on a fire in shop of paint and varnish factory in Shebekino has arrived. In some minutes on a scene there have arrived some fire-fighting crews, gas service   and « fast ».

- the shop on manufacture of a hardener of paints Burned, - have told « in a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Belgorod region. – three employees of the enterprise have suffered, to one of them on a place have rendered medical aid and have released. Two persons are hospitalised.

the Fire managed to be localised in 14. 55, completely it have extinguished in 15. 25.

- Under the preliminary version, the fire has begun from - for explosion of one of the coppers which were in shop, - has told « Andrey Rotar, the assistant to the head of administration of Shebekinsky area – The secretary of Security council . – Explosion, probably, has occurred from - for infringements of technological process.

Two workers of shop have burnt and now are in resuscitation in Shebekinsky regional hospital.

In a building the roof almost has completely burnt down, the laboratory and the equipment is destroyed.

In shebekinskom sovzbeze assert that no harmful emissions in atmosphere existing and it is not necessary to worry.

Now the enterprise has suspended work. On a place of state of emergency experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Rostehnadzora inspect. From - for it yet do not begin a recovery work.