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Failure on the sixth block of atomic power station is not connected with earthquake about Sofia

According to Nikolova, in the evening, on May, 26th, on the sixth block of the atomic power station „ Kozloduj ” protection of one of turbogenerators and the block has worked has been disconnected from a power system. At once the group which has begun check and finding-out of the reasons of the happened has been generated. Next day, on May, 26th, the block has been partially started in work on 40 % of the capacity and again connected to a country power supply system.

In the interview to TV channel Nikolov has denied opinions that malfunction on the atomic power station has been called by an event on May, 22nd about Sofia earthquake. „ unfortunately, in the country there were some afflictions - a rain, earthquake, but they have no relation to our nuclear station ” - the head of the atomic power station &bdquo has explained; Kozloduj ”.

During a stop of the sixth block of the atomic power station, the fifth block which has just become operational after planned repair, worked at full capacity, therefore Bulgaria has not felt an electric power lack.

As informs a press - the atomic power station centre „ Kozloduj ” now problems are eliminated, start 6 - go the block will be carried out today, on May, 28th.