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Vatican: Among guilty of information leakage is not present either cardinals, nor women

Vatican has denied messages of mass-media on participation of one of cardinals to theft of personal correspondence of the pontifex and the publication of the classified information, the official representative of the state father Federiko Lombardi has declared on Monday.

« Among suspects there is no cardinal, any woman » - agency TMNews gives of a word of the priest.

The day before on suspicion in plunder of correspondence of head of a latin church and transfer of papers to journalists the valet of pontifex Benedict XVI Paolo Gabriela has been arrested. Earlier the fast the president of Bank of Vatican has left also Gotti Tedeski. Leak of the confidential financial information became the reason of its resignation, among other, also, however, unlike Gabriela, Tedeski has bailed.

Vatican urges representatives of law enforcement bodies to make investigation on the case of the book publication « It svjatejshestvo » the Italian journalist Dzhanluidzhi Nutstsi. In product endurances from texts of letters of Roman pontifex Benedict XVI and its secretary, in particular, are resulted.

Besides, the apostolic see asks inspectors to punish employees of the mass-media which have recently placed in editions the data about corruption of Vatican, and also told to the world about acute problems of institute of a latin church. (Further)