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In Minsk couriers - glotateli are detained, delivering cocaine from Latin America

Employees of management on drug enforcement and counteraction to human trafic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in interaction with colleagues from October regional department of Investigatory committee (Minsk) have stopped the international channel of delivery to Belarus of cocaine from Latin America, have informed correspondent BELTA in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

For delivery of drugs criminals employed so-called couriers - glotatelej.

In Minsk on May, 25th have been detained the organizer of the international channel of delivery of a narcotic (earlier the offender for a similar crime in the Russian Federation minchanin 1979 year of birth) and the drug trafficker (idle minchanin 1968 year of birth). At a search on demountable apartment from malefactors it is withdrawn nearby 240 g the cocaine, delivered on the eve of detention by a flight from the South America. One more drug trafficker has been detained in March of current year.

For masking of moved drugs from means of customs control criminals transformed cocaine from poroshkoobraznogo statuses in geleobraznoe. Capsules with the packed up drugs were swallowed by couriers and thus were transported. $2 paid for transportation of one such party (nearby 240) to the courier - 2,5 thousand Wholesale cost of party made $42 thousand Destinations of a delivered dope St.-Petersburg, Moscow, the European Union countries were.

On the given fact it is raised and criminal case on ch is investigated. 3 items 328 (illegal circulation of especially dangerous narcotics and psychotropic substances in the large size with a sales objective, made by a group of persons) UK Belarus. The complex of other investigatory actions directed on finding-out of all circumstances of the committed crime is spent. Suspects are taken into custody.