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To Petersburgers suggest to choose places for the future parking of a taxi

Committee on transport wants, that townspeople have brought the mite in taxi development. Now each Petersburger can offer a place where as it seems to it, it is necessary to place parking.

As a result of joint activity of townsmen and committee will appear about forty new parkings for official carriers.

to Offer a variant it is possible with the help   an electronic map on « Yandex » which have placed on a committee site. For this purpose only it is necessary to put majachok in that street where there is no organised parking. To consider offers promise in maximum short terms.

Now in a city about twenty official taksostojanok. They settle down in the most crowded places, at railway stations and the airport. Taxi services in Petersburg are given by seventy companies and officially registered two hundred individual businessmen.

- For the last years the quantity of a taxi in a city has increased twice, - has commented on idea a press - the secretary of Committee on transport Dmitry Ignatyev. – there is a necessity of creation of official parking. Therefore back coupling with townspeople will allow us to make service even more qualitative and convenient for passengers.