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Voronezhets, beaten two persons from - for bad moods, can get into prison for two years

But, apparently, the previous conviction in 2000 has not taught him to anything. The bright example for it is fight in a past week-end. Most of all amazes that each time the man starts to swing fists without any reasons.

Here and this time 28 - the summer inhabitant of village Lipovka of Borisoglebsky area has started dispute which under the scenario habitual for it has outgrown in fight with the usual passer-by. As a result in what not guilty man has got into hospital with crisis of a nose and brain concussion. The brawler has not had time to cripple one as on a way to it has met a new victim . The man hospitalised with similar traumas. Physicians have informed on a beating of patients in police.

According to employees GU the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia across the Voronezh region , have detained the fighter inheriting day. On interrogation he admitted that has slightly got excited in the last evening, having referred to bad mood. Now for the « an excessive emotionality » he will respond before the law. Concerning it have filed criminal charges under article « the Beating » (till two years of prison).