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Journey increase in Yaroslavl can pass in two stages

Since June, 15th in Yaroslavl fare in public transport will raise. The ticket in trams, buses and trolley buses will cost 16 roubles, in minibuses – 20 roubles. About it on Monday, on May, 28th, has told and. An island of the assistant to the governor of Yaroslavl region Andrey Epaneshnikov on a press - conferences.

However, the area government considers also other variant – stage-by-stage increase of the price. In this case since June, 15th the trip to public transport will rise in price to 14, and in minibuses – to 17 roubles. And the declared 16 and 20 roubles we will start to pay only since August, 15th.

What variant becomes definitive, will dare in the nearest future. A main point which for this purpose will need to be solved - a leah can allocate a management of Yaroslavl these two months from the budget about 100 million Roubles to compensate to transport workers a difference between the established tariff in 16 roubles and real fare in 14.

According to the authorities, necessity of increase of tariffs for journey has ripened for a long time. Last time the price for the ticket raised in 2010. In this time cost of diesel fuel which buses refuel, has jumped up more, than on 50 %, and the electric power – on 27,1 %. Besides, service and transport repair constantly rises in price.

By estimates of experts of regional department of power and regulation of tariffs, the minimum cost price of journey in electric public transport now makes more than 18 roubles, in buses -   about 17 roubles.

At marshrutochnikov the problems – the price for the ticket in them did not raise since 2008. Thus many of them at the desire of the authorities of Yaroslavl have changed old buses on new to 1000 - letiju cities. As a rule, took a car in leasing. And now means are necessary to them in time to pay off with sellers.

In a word, to postpone a rise in price, according to the authorities, there was no place further. Reduction of flights, deterioration of a rolling stock without upgradeability, impossibility to involve for work of good drivers from - for insufficient salaries and other troubles could become alternative to it.

Together with cost of a single trip, the price of travel cards &ndash will raise also; preferential with 300 to 350 roubles, the others - approximately on 16 %.

pleases only that the ticket for the Yaroslavl pensioners and other exempts, most likely, remains at level of 6 roubles. At least, it on a press - conferences were declared by director DGH of the mayoralty Nikolay Stepanov. A difference between full and preferential cost of the ticket should compensate from area and city budgets.