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The inhabitant of Uglich to death has pinned up the friend a plug

One of these days uglichskie inspectors have brought definitive accusation 32 - to the summer local resident who to death has pinned up the drinking companion... A plug.

Incident happens on May, 14th in one of settlement houses Pleasant where two men suited a usual friendly sit-round gathering. Drank. And alcohol both have used so much that have lost over itself control. Disputes « for life » have quickly turned to quarrel, has ripened the serious conflict.

One of friends has seized from a table   a plug and from all to a move has stuck to the drinking companion into a chest. This unique blow as it has appeared, has hurt the vital aorta. The victim has failed on a floor, bleeding profusely. And though into place there have soon arrived physicians, to rescue the man it was not possible. He has died from plentiful krovopoteri.

  - Now accused it is arrested, soon it will appear before court. As much as possible under this article to the man threatens till 15 years of imprisonment, - Christina Guzovsky has explained the senior assistant administrator of SOU SKR across Yaroslavl region. - criminal case Investigation proceeds.