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In Moscow the addict has killed 11 - the monthly kid

the Tragedy has happened today, on May, 28th on jugo - the West of Moscow in the house along the street Butlerova. The man has killed 11 - the monthly kid, the charter to hear its crying.

On a visit to 32 - to summer Sergey A young mother has arrived   some days ago.   between the woman and the man a good fellowship was fastened. That Sergey periodically is on drugs the woman knew, but nevertheless took the kid on meetings with self.

- this day the man as used a potion. Having heard that the kid loudly cries, he has demanded to calm the child, and   after has gone to a bedroom and has some times struck the boy lying on bed.   blows had in chest area, and considering that the child has transferred recently a heart operation – chances   at it was not, - informs Interfax referring to   SKR across Moscow.   – the boy has died instantly.

Now the suspect is detained. Concerning it criminal case under article « is brought; Murder juvenile ». The man has already given an appearance with guilty, nevertheless, in punishment it is threatened with 15 years of prison.