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Sergey Udaltsov: the police on Petrovka again detains active workers of opposition

About zaderzhanijah active workers whom Ministries of Internal Affairs across Moscow oppositionist Sergey udaltsov left to building GU has declared some minutes ago. Active workers suited the action of solidarity with the arrested person for participation   in disorders on May, 6th Aleksandroj Duhaninoj.

- employees OMON have just approached. People began to push aside on the street Petrovka opposite side - Sergey Udaltsov on Monday " has told; to Interfax . – Already there are arrested persons. Civil active workers who were detained by policemen, did nothing, simply sat on a border. People submit to requirements of police and pass to the street opposite side, however to leave intend nobody.

representatives of opposition do not speak About exact quantity of arrested persons, but according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs it is a question of two people.

the Two citizens who have not executed legal requirements of police officers to come over to other party of street have been detained, - the representative a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has told. - arrested persons are delivered in department of police for attraction to administrative responsibility.

And at this time SKR one more action about a disorder on the Marsh area, in   is brought; which course police officers have suffered. Has been for the same reason detained 18 - summer   Alexander Duhanina.

- After carrying out of necessary investigatory actions the petition for election will be directed to court And. A duhaninoj preventive punishment - Vladimir Markin, official representative SKR has explained.