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Frontier guards have wounded the journalist

Misunderstanding has occurred at stadium “Pripyat“ during commemorating of day of the frontier guard. The reporter photographed, as soldiers of Pinsky frontier group showed to public the strong heads: broke about them glass bottles.

- I stood metres in five from soldiers, - Vyacheslav Ilenkov tells “, - and removed this unusual show. Here something has struck to me in a forearm. I also have not understood at once, what`s happened. From a hand blood, only has run then has thought that is wounded. Together with the friend we have started to search for the doctor who should be present on a feast, but have not found. It was necessary to tie up a wound a handkerchief and to reach in city hospital by shuttle bus.

There to the reporter have performed operation. From a wound in width in 3 centimetres and as much depth have taken a glass piece, have sewn up and have written out the sick-list. In the first day fingers of the hurt hand did not move yet, and on the second like it would become easier. And could be and is worse, if the head of the journalist during shootings was not closed by a hand. The splinter has passed in 10 centimetres from a neck.

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