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Winners the Minsk mayor

has awarded Ideas of children which have sent drawings on competition the Ideal court yard capital architects

have noted - to Become crazy - we have defeated! - participants of the action " reacted; the Ideal court yard on the invitation to come to edition behind a gift.

- My daughter to last page began to read, all for results waited.

Results of competition of children`s drawings which has ended on March, 31st, were indeed brought long. We will remind, the Minsk authorities have developed the program on which for four years all court yard and court yard will be put in order. And has suggested children to draw an ideal view from the window. Three months we accepted the drawings, two months them Michael Pavlov, the main artist of a city Alexey Martynov and the main teacher (the chairman of committee by training) Michael Titenkov estimated the mayor of Minsk.

As a result from seventy authors Ideal court yard seven winners with whom the Minsk authorities have decided to award with bicycles, and - paints for true artists have chosen.

On Wednesday young architects have gathered in edition to receive prizes from hands of the mayor. While for Michael Pavlova waited, parents catechized the future artists:

- Sit down beautifully. You the elegant man, - advised mum to five years` Vladik Kashevsky.

But when has come to receive time a gift, the elegant man without a confusion shade has shaken hands the mayor, and has then tried to carry simultaneously a bicycle and to open paints.

- I would like, that in a court yard have constructed pool with waterslides. I watched transmission and on the TV have seen an aquapark, - Vladik has not become puzzled.

By the way, Vladik became the unique boy - the winner in our competition.

is a certificate of that today girls are more active, - the mayor has noted. Looking at Vladik, Michael Pavlov has complained that its five years` grandson has not participated in competition.

- Michael Jakovlevich, the city authorities something on a note took?

- Certainly. It is necessary more tiles, it is more than greens, children`s playgrounds. I consider that that imagination which children state on a picture, has the right to real existence. Our artists, architects have attentively studied drawings and have drawn for itself corresponding conclusions.

By the way, competition has received unexpected continuation. Now the hall for reception of foreign delegations in Mingorispolkom where works of true artists are exposed, is under repair. But, probably, after repair there will hang out also nurseries ideal court yard .



Drawing of nine-year Svety has attracted to the mayor. From the second attempt it has found room on a sheet of paper and stadium, both a dovecot, and a fountain, both a sandbox, and benches. Mum to drawing has written verses, and the father has edited them.


the smallest participant of competition has drawn the biggest drawing which was fell in love at once editions For a persuasiveness dense forest five years` Vladik has sent in edition at once two images of an aquapark, and the third has left houses. at us tirazhnoe creativity - mum jokes.


The court yard named the Children`s world where it is impossible to smoke, litter and walk dogs. and we in the house have major repairs - in a court yard two garages and a carriage, almost anything is not present . That twelve years Anja has sent drawing in edition, mum has learnt only from the correspondent It at me independent .


Has dreamt up wonderfully well. Its drawing the brightest. There and a small house with eyes, and the area which has been laid out by a colour tile. And here in a nonideal court yard near the house where there lives ten years` Natasha, all is broken. A swing was, but has not passed also two weeks as them have broken .


Though do not live in Minsk, but the ideal capital court yard at them has turned out is not worse at all, than at minchan. The main artist of a city especially liked drawings 15 - summer Larissa and 12 - summer Alina. And the horse of Liza who was drawn by nine-year Yana, did not remain the information of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies not noticed in management. Unfortunately, we could not contact during time Larissa, Alina and Yana so bicycles and paints will go to them by mail.

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