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We zemljachka has taken off from the National actor

Talantu Angeliny Sergeevoj have preferred exotic

to Samartsy continue to support Angelinu Sergeevu. It is known that we zemljachka has entered into a three of leaders of competition the National actor . Now fans with impatience wait for sabbatical evening that the eyes to see who will get on pasture - so young actors name the moment of farewell to rivals.

but as it became known all results are already defined. The solving concert has passed on Wednesday, on May, 31st. And in following pasture will say goodbye to Angelinoj. it was possible to phone to the girl.

- I am quite happy that have left during this moment, - have explained Angelina. - the Third place in this competition - is very quite good. All is already solved: the second place at Marina Devjatovoj, and was defeated by Amarhuu Borhuu. I wanted, that Marina became the first, I like its national vocal. But in Russia exotic is now fashionable. Actually it is not too important, who from our three would occupy what place. More important who will receive what offers in the long term.

tomorrow our Samara celebrity will act on gala - a concert in the Kremlin. But televiewers can see it only on June, 11th on the channel Russia .

Most The national actor there was Amarhuu Borhuu.

On Sunday after a concert of Angelina Sergeeva will arrive to Samara to hand over session. The girl finishes IV course of the Samara academy of culture and arts. And then, most likely, again will go to submit Moscow. But it keeps the plans a secret, says that is superstitious.

- now I simply fly, I feel such free! - shares with the singer. - I very much doubted, did not want to go on competition. After all at first from 30 thousand chose one hundred. Then I was not dared even to wish myself such ending.