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became the trainer of a hockey national team Accepting congratulations from Michael Zaharov has told that the president was against its nominee

It was against just because conversations on influence from its party can go, - the newly made trainer has told right after elections. - when there was an offer, we with the president on this subject spoke, and I even have told to it: If I with you did not play, at me would be more chances to head a national team . It has laughed.

However yesterday at session of executive committee of federation of hockey had no time for laughter. I bear responsibility for worthless performance of a national team - the president of federation Vladimir Naumov has declared. And there and then it has unanimously been recognised that responsibility bears not only the president, but also others, including federation and a trainer`s staff. However the head coach was not. As it is known, Vladimir Krikunov has refused to arrive to Minsk, definitively having said goodbye to the command. It was necessary to respond its assistant Vladimir Safonovu. After a fierce dispute have started elections. Unanimously the trainer of the youthful command have appointed the trainer Gomel Vladimir Sinitsyn, and Michael Zaharov as unanimously, has occupied at once two fasts - has headed not only national, but also a youth national team: be not stirred. All is thought over. For example, the trainer of a national team of the USA also works with two national teams . It is interesting that Zaharov still remains also to the main things in the command the Youth .

Elections have passed is uncontested. I consider that there should be a competition, - Zaharov has agreed. - Trainer`s advice discussed nominees of Melenchuka and Varivonchika, I do not know, why them have not put forward for discussion . As to the foreign trainer as it has been told at executive committee session, payment of its work corresponds To the annual budget of school the Youth . So it also is, Zaharov has confirmed. - it is Less than for 150 thousand dollars it would not work, and the budget of school of 100 thousand or hardly is more .


Bajdachnyj has headed Minsk the Dynamo

Right after defeats from a Torpedo - SKA Bulgarian Gergi Gjurov has been sent in resignation

the Rate on Bajdachnogo neudivitelna. The authoritative expert after work with Rostselmashem was out of work. And here the Dynamo though has won the Cup of Belarus, yes in national championship has lost three games from six and has swept to standings bottom. 50 - the summer trainer promises to correct a situation.

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