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With - on a concert!

on June, 3rd Minsk will appear under a sight Night snipers - groups, by the way, it is possible to find some lines in whose history about Belarus. In spite of the fact that Diana Arbeninoj`s native land considers Magadan far from us, Diana in Belarus Volozhine actually was born. To Magadan it was taken away by mum, to Diana at that time was five years. And the father of the girl remained in Belarus. Today he lives in Minsk and watches closely creativity of a daughter. One more native Belarus city of Arbeninoj - Borisov where live the grandmother snajpershi and its cousins.

Night snipers today are without restraint popular. By the way, in August the group will note the decade, but already without skripachki Svetlanas Surganovoj. Cardinal changes have occurred in group half a year back. Having let out an album the Tsunami (the fourth under the bill), Snipers have left Svetlana. To the last Diana denied hearings about rupture with Svetoj with whom it was connected by very uneasy both rough personal and creative relations. But it happens, and at a concert we will not hear a violin Surganovoj. As Diana, " has noticed; actually the situation has ripened for a long time. At each of us the road, and time - the wisest doctor - will sort things out .

answer a question of draw and win the subscription for two from and agencies the Alpha the Concert on performance Anastas .

At Diana Arbeninoj it is a lot of talents, including talent actor`s. How it was showed?

) Diana`s voice beauty Niks - the main heroine of the Korean cartoon film " has started talking; Elizium ;
Diana`s voice the princess in new American " has started singing; The Bremen musicians ;
Diana has sounded in Russian heroine Ketrin Zety Johns in a musical Chicago .

Answers are accepted within Saturday, on May, 31st, on a pager 207 - 00 - 00, ab. 6218. Do not forget to leave contact phone.
the Name of the lucky will define a lot. Results - in the newspaper next Tuesday. Good luck!

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