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Samartsy can buy the TV for 9 roubles!

having paid journey to the city bus, you begin the participant of an instant lottery

to Try to discover happy tickets - hobby children`s. If the sum of first three figures is equal to the sum of the second three - eat a ticket, think of desire, and it will by all means come true. Conditions of the instant lottery organised by department of transport, not so are dangerous to a stomach. From now on bus tickets become the real lottery. Buses of all routes of a city participate in it.

recently in Tolyatti there has already passed the similar action. An innovation recognised as successful and have decided to spend and in Samara. According to a deputy head of Department of transport of administration of city district Samara Aleksandra Orlova, the instant lottery of tickets should improve culture of service of passengers in public transport, exclude a reuse of tickets and their fake.

Tickets will look on - new: colourfully - blue and hardly it is more on the size. To check up the good luck, the passenger should erase a protective strip. Under it it will be written without a prize or the prize name. And it is possible to win two TVs, five vacuum cleaners, three microwaves, five tape recorders, three juice extractors, three coffee makers, five irons, three electromeat grinders, four cellular telephones, four CDs - a player, three blenders, 500 charms, 500 handles. In total in draw - 1040 prizes.

by the way, conductors will know, a leah is at them prizes. The matter is that the information will be applied on each party - how much in it of happy tickets. Proceeding from it, the conductor takes with itself the necessary quantity of charms and handles that at once in the bus to give to their winners. But, certainly, to know, which of tickets prize-winning, anybody cannot. And here large prizes can be received on May, 13th from 10 o`clock till 12 o`clock to the address: Street Morisa Toreza, 67.

there Are lottery tickets, as well as usual, - 9 roubles. At will it is possible to buy even a little, but to use only for current journey. In transport department promise that tickets will suffice all passengers for all April.

Dmitry`s BURLAKOVA photo.