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Fans have spoilt air in the underground

Oh, cinemas remove - the very young passenger of the electric train which have stopped in 19 has cried out. 35 at metro station October . Really, the event behind a train window reminded shots from the insurgent. The platform shrouded in a smoke, rushing about militiamen with portable radio sets, the person thirty members of spetsnaz... That it not cinema, passengers were convinced as soon as electric train doors have opened. The car was filled with a smell of burning saltpeter. It having appeared on platform, the correspondent has first of all tried to find out from the militiaman that occurs. where - that something at us burns - the confused guard ascertained obvious.

the kindling Center has been found in transition between stations October and Kupalovsky - at a wall the mount of the burnt down paper smoked. By the way, decent enough on volume. If to collect ashes, there would be a whole bucket. The militiaman has approached to ashes, has kicked with his foot and began to report something on a portable radio set.

in the Morning on Thursday in Protection department of Underground to us have informed that no trouble the day before has not occurred. Fans came back from a football match Torpedo SKA - the Dynamo (Minsk) also have set fire to the newspaper directly in the underground. Members of spetsnaz however followed and a fire have trampled.
apparently, in hands of fans there were not simply newspapers. Before matches some fans specially impregnate newspapers with saltpeter. On tribunes these improvised torches light - fire from them is not present, but a smoke though take away.

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